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The answer to this is you should have one already.  Most people put off the creation of an estate plan.  Obviously it’s uncomfortable to think about passing away.  Although, if you ask those same people they will likely have fairly strong thoughts about what should happen to their assets when they die! From a lawyer’s [...]

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Facebook Leads to Bigamy Arrest.  The headline read something like that a few weeks ago in the newspaper which, being a divorce attorney, caught my attention.  A man had been married, separated from his first wife, changed his name, moved and a few years later married a second time.  If you are on Facebook, you [...]

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In Arizona, proceedings to end a marriage are called a dissolution of marriage.  Arizona is a no-fault state, meaning that one person does not need give a reason why the marriage is over, but must simply state that it is irretrievably broken and there is no likelihood of reconciliation. Most people do not get married [...]

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