Child Support

Child support is calculated in Arizona using the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. It is an income-based model, which means that incomes for both parents are included. Even if one parent is not working, the court may attribute income to that parent, such as minimum wage or some other amount.

Generally, debts such as mortgage or rent or car payments are not included in determining child support. There are certain expenses for the children that will be included in the calculation. Health insurance is one such cost. Sometimes child care costs will be included or the cost of a private school tuition or counseling. The amount of parenting time both parents have will affect child support.

Apportionment of non-covered medical, dental and vision expenses must occur, as well as division of the child tax dependency exemption. How are you going to divide extracurricular expenses and responsibilities? What happens if someone is not current on child support? What if one person is self-employed and there are concerns of hiding money? It is always important to know what you may be entitled to and what you may be responsible for when it comes to your children. Child support is also modifiable in cases where one parent’s income changes, or one parent has another child or there is a change in parenting time. Please call to schedule a consultation to discuss child support.

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